It has taken me a while again……..I’m definitely not into the swing of this yet….but I will be……it’s a matter of discipline – that first thing in the morning thing. There are other things I like to do first thing in the morning, but I may find that this is my favorite. It’s that weird phenomenon again, of thinking everything else in the world is more important than that one thing you really want to do. How to reorganize the life, and the thinking……….hmmm……..GET HELP!          Rewire the brain. It can be fun, and definitely needs commitment – to one’s Self. We’re gonna do it at one stage or another – why not now? Oh, I know we can find lots of reasons, but there does come a time when the Soul takes over from that lovely personality – and hey presto, you’re on a roll. I didn’t say it was easy, but easier I think, if you know anything about white water rafting, or something like that – navigating the rough waters! It’s exhilarating though, and there are the calm places too…….different strokes for different folks.

Now, back to the gap and the tooth. It seems like a long time ago that I made that appointment for the extraction. Anyway, I got caught somehow – I can’t even remember how, but the Gods, Goddesses and the Fairy People were on my side (it took all of them) and I ended up in a regular dentist’s chair, who threw her arms to heaven when I talked about extraction, and sent me to the best endodentist that she knows – and I knew that she knew them too. Pricey, but I ain’t foolin’ at this stage of the game, so off I went three days later, with just enough time to let the penicillin work – halleluhah for good ol’ penicillin, which still works and is not too harmful to anyone – that I know of anyway. Regardless of what anyone says about antibiotics most of us are very glad that they are there when we need them, and I needed this one at this particular time. I am grateful for the discovery.

I am also grateful to both these dentists ( my father and grandfather were dentists, so I know some things) who obviously have made this profession their life’s work, and want to do the best. My ridiculously long fangs caused some extra trouble again – and this one had a curve too, which was extra, extra trouble. However the meticulous dentist is going to get it right – one more try, just in case….and I have to (am going to) trust his judgment on this one, though I may have a clairvoyant look at it also. There is suspicion that I have a third canal in this tooth that ought to have only two. It takes the expert to be brazen enough to consider this – when he can’t see it on the xray!!! Between us all we’ll get it, because I have my expertise too!  Let’s get to the bottom of this mystery…..


Why not?

Sending lots of encouragement…