I specialize in nurturing, revitalizing and empowering women.

I trained as a nurse in Ireland, my native country, and have lived in the USA for 42 years (minus 6 years!), where I have studied and practiced many different healing modalities.

My Path to Now has included teaching Polarity Therapy both in Ireland and America, which includes CranioSacral Therapy, Chakra and Sound Healing, as well as Spiritual Awareness/Knowledge, Movement, Communication Skills and Nutritional Wellbeing.

I am also a Reiki Master and MariEl Healer, Quantum Touch and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Magnified Healer, Mind Body Yoga and QiGong Instructor, and have training in Ericksonian Psychotherapy, Psychosynthesis and Shamanism, as well as Sound Healing, Coaching, Addiction Rehabilitation and Detoxification. It is my great joy to include the plant kingdom in my sessions in the form of  flower remedies, as well as Essential Oils. My most recent learning has been the Bars (Neuro Energetic Repatterning) and Marconic Reconnection No Touch Technique, called a Bridge from 3rd to 5th Dimension, both of which I find exciting and very effective for life changes.

I have spent time in Central America with Dr. Rosita Arvigo to study Mayan Abdominal Massage, a wonderful technique brought to us by Rosita’s Shamanic Teacher, Don Elijio Panti to align the uterus (www.Arvigomassage.com).

My diagnosis and recovery from breast cancer in December 2006 began a journey which deepened my insights into life and death which I now bring to my work. After surgery, I declined the offer of radiation and chemotherapy and explored other ways to regain 100% life force. In this process I used both systems of medicine – conventional and alternative – finding both useful for more complete healing. I spent two weeks at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida in July 2015 to further my learning on nutrition and disease prevention.

My breast cancer experience prompted my book, A Guide to Breast Cancer: A Whole Body A to Z for Prevention and Healing – A Conventional and Alternative Approach (available on Amazon).

I have my own unique style, working from a Shamanic perspective, using any or several of the described techniques in combination, as I intuit or am guided. My focus is on aligning an individual with the blueprint of their Soul energetically, activating the will to follow one’s life purpose, using my particular insight and ability to see and feel Energy.

Whole Body Healing and Coaching is a synthesis of all my knowledge, techniques and life experience to this point. I welcome sharing all of my skills to help in any way that is called for in the moment, either in individual sessions or group situations. I consider this work and my time with my clients as Sacred. I like to balance the seriousness of the task with lightness and humor, which is a natural part of who I am. I now have some focus on coaching women for cancer prevention.

I welcome speaking and teaching invitations to the Medical Community and Organizations on Holistic Health, Energy Healing, Stress Reduction and Pain Relief, as well as facilitating Retreats for Healing and Personal Growth.

I also work with Earth Energies and have in the past created the Peace Labyrinth in various locations in both Ireland and USA as part of retreats.

What are the possible benefits of working with Heather?

Nurturance, Relaxation, Replenishment, Rejuvenation, Revitalization, Meditation, Tools to Manage Stress, Energy Balancing, Aura Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Emotional Release, Pain Relief, Uterine Alignment, Detoxification, Nutritional Well Being, Feeling Heard

Coaching to Clarify Intention, Finding the emotional root of issues, Guidance for Life Changes, Simplifying your Life, Lightening Your Load, Referrals to Other Practitioners, Book, Music and Educational Suggestions, Learning to Honor Your Own Rhythm, Connection to the Five Elements, Creating Abundance, Expressing Your Creativity, Exploring Your Own Path of Spirituality, Releasing Addictions, Forgiveness of Self, Embracing Self Love, Finding Community, Knowing Inner Peace, Knowing Your Self, Practical, Loving Support on Your Journey

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I work in Spirit Time, and with what presents itself in any given moment, with the intention for healing. I recommend taking more time rather than less, at least to begin, as I find this is more economical in the long run, on many different levels.

Shorter times may be appropriate for maintenance, or telephone “check-ins”.

Committing to three months is optimal to begin.

I accept most major credit cards and Paypal, and can meet with you in person in Gloucester or long distance sessions via phone or skype.