heart-largeHeather, thank you so much for everything– your healing energy is wonderful and so much great advice! I’m gonna float the rest of the day!
GN Human Resources

heart-largeHeather Wolfe is the most powerful energetic healer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She has breathtakingly gorgeous energy and a wonderful, light, Irish lilting sense of humor!

At the end of January, I contracted a terrible flu. Four months later, I was somewhat better but still in a fog, still could not sit up or stand without feeling very sick. I felt disconnected from everything!

Using Tibetan bowls, sounding, and her beautiful hands and spirit, Heather brought me from a place of sickness to a place of far greater health. She grounded me to the earth so I could feel it again. She took away the habitual fog I had been living under so that I was clear and connected.

In the process of clearing my body and chakras, she asked me to choose what I would like to bring into those emptied places. I carry this exquisite lavender light of tranquility still within me.

Thank you, Heather!!!!!
Robin Lynn Brooks, Author

heart-large“Thank you for helping me to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially when discouraged. You have helped me to make a believer in what IS to come. I look forward to our sessions and always appreciate your insight.”
Maryann SLP/LMT, New York

heart-large“What can I say about Heather Joyce Wolfe? She is a dynamic lady with a great zest for life who really knows how to shake up a room and the people in it. WOW comes to mind when I think of Heather and the work she does. If you want a shift or an energy change in your life then Heather is your lady.”
Steven McGeown, Coach

heart-large“Heather Wolfe is an awesome force of love and delight. Force sounds strong and Heather is – strong in her relentless belief that everything good is possible, sometimes annoyingly so, especially when I’m in a hopeless mode! Give it up Heather I beg her, but no, she won’t! She is a vast warehouse of knowledge and goes the whole trip with you, whatever it takes to coach, support and help you heal . I call her my little Irish wood nymph fairy. You never know what her next bit of magic will be and she brings her whole team of healers along as needed. Quite an extraordinary Being, and fun to boot.”
Jesse Goldman, Healer/Realtor

heart-large“Heather is a remarkable healer who truly works from Divine guidance and Soul inspiration. She has helped me to elicit tremendous change in my life that has taken me on a whole new course towards enlightenment. I am so grateful for her Presence in my life.”
Sacha Fossa,Graduate Student, USA

heart-largeAfter 5 days of feeling that I was rolling on a ship deck, I am healed of this! I think stress overload caused it.

I am loving the Mastery book. Again, this is the first time in YEARS I have been able to read something like this and look forward to it and ingest it. I have been frozen and I credit you and timing and the universe combining to help me out of the freeze 🙂

A great gift!
RC Artist

heart-large“Heather is a gifted healer. In my experience, both in group and individual sessions, Heather quickly intuits exactly what needs to surface, be unlocked and unblocked, and balanced, all with perfect timing. She is compassionate and trustworthy and creates a loving space that has enabled me to go very deep to access and release old wounds. I’ve come from each session feeling lighter and more wholly my self. Bless Heather in all the dimensions of her healing work.”
Evelyn Stewart

heart-large“Thank you very much for the treatment yesterday.  It was very relaxing and I felt calmed and more alive at the same time. Also, thank you for the suggestions.  They will help me get on the path to a healthier lifestyle.”
Mark Steele

heart-large“Heather has been instrumental in assisting me to grow spiritually, and integrating this in my daily life, as well as my practice. She brings a variety of knowledge to the training programmes I have attended, which can easily be applied to myself as well as my clients. She is a gift.”
Janice McNamara, RN, APP, Reiki Practitioner, Polarity Training Graduate, USA

heart-large“I have had the good fortune of receiving many and varied sessions from Heather Wolfe. The most important things I choose to say regarding Heather are about the essence of who she is. She creates great safety. She is gentle, kind and deeply loving and caring. Heather has had extensive training and many years of experience in various healing modalities. When you combine this with the beautiful Being that she is, her keen intuition and gentle method of sharing it with you, one who comes as a client puts themselves in divinely capable hands.

Heather has had the willingness to do her own inner work which helps her to understand fear and illusion and guide clients beyond that. I remember one particular time when I came to her for a session when my fears had resurfaced around an area of my life which I had previously attempted to transcend. She beautifully held the space of fearlessness and Higher Truth so that I could transcend those fears one more time. I am eternally grateful.”
Caren Morningstar, Yoga Teacher/Healer/Office Manager

heart-largeI simply want to say a heartfelt thank you for your support in my healing session this week. You were the first person to introduce me to healing on an introduction to polarity therapy w/end almost 18 years ago. I shook from head to toe as you worked with me in the demonstration and I hadn’t a clue what was happening. All I knew was that you knew what you were doing and I trusted you.  Later on the same day for the first time in my life I cried deeply in your arms while I released the grief of losing my brother. I hadn’t a clue. Again I knew you knew what you were doing and I trusted you.

This time I had a bit more of a clue having journeyed almost non stop since that first healing session.( I don’t know where it all comes from sometimes !! Lifetimes I expect.)  It reminded me of that time 18 years ago as you supported me again this week as I released current then deeply held pain. I felt so safe as you are so confident in what you do. You were just there, so there…present… it’s almost scary. What a journey you must have done to be able to be so clear and present. I am in awe, not in a mushy gushy way, not in a giving away my own power way just in a way that I recognise a master at their craft because somewhere long long ago, lifetimes ago I was too and may again be someday. So thank you Heather again.

With Love, Gratitude and Respect,

heart-large“Heather is a Shaman, a modern day Shaman/Sofie Healer, offering guidance, support and wisdom, knowledge and education – all held in Unconditional Love and non judgement. It is from this place of Unconditional Love and non judgement that we can learn, but more importantly to experience realization and insight. Insight is the AhHa moment, seeing everything or seeing something with fresh thinking, where we can access change, well being, equanimity and harmony.”
Debra Crosby, Director of A Quest Acting Studio, Salem, MA

heart-large“I am reading your book every chance I get a few minutes. I love every page.
You have put all your knowledge together in such a user friendly guide book. I feel you ooozzzing out on each page. I can hear your voice and I feel comforted by you on each page. I wish you well in getting this book out to everyone for simple knowledge, or as a guide through their own diagnosis.”

heart-large“Heather is an incredible healer. She takes the time she needs to do a completely fulfilling session which has left me feeling quite relaxed and replenished. She is very intuitive and works on a very deep energetic level, as well as on the physical level. Heather has multiple talents and suggestions to create a more balanced life. She is a kind soul and is very gifted at what she does. I highly recommend her!”
Dimitra Manesis, MD, USA

heart-large“Thanks for thinking of me. After the last session with you I was very tired and drained emotionally and physically. Then Thursday I woke up feeling great like a newly energized person. I went to the gym and walked for 30 minutes and had a great chat with the owner about possibly doing massages there in the future. Things with my Mom feel better after the cord cutting. I’m having an easier time being separate from her and seeing her through new, clear eyes. I’ve also figured out that I’ve lost 9 pounds since I started paleo eating which has been about a month. So I’m good. I will see you Friday at 2pm. Thank you for checking on me!”
MM Massage School

heart-large“I wish that every woman who has or is recovering from cancer could benefit from the healing mind, heart and hands of Heather Wolfe. After a helpful journey through conventional medical treatment for advanced cancer, I am blessed to have weekly sessions with Heather that have touched on all aspects of my health and led to my being in remission. She is psychologically brilliant, spiritually tuned in and remarkably practical. Heather is an extraordinary coach who integrates the deep practice and knowledge of alternative and spiritual healing with her experience as a nurse. Thanks to you Heather, I now have much more joy and hope and many, many more tools for self nurturance.”
Lesley, Psychotherapist

heart-large“YES! Heather.  Light lover, Polarity Player, Holistic Coach, Heather balances angels on the head of a pin to be freed for our delight.  An ancient art – of allowing the flow of light to help all in this matrix field of infinite possibilities. She balances the western medical field with the eastern and angelic realms.  And always she asks for more tools to help heal and enlighten humanity!  That may sound like a lot – but for her?  Easy as kissing the air.  And she makes us all laugh with her Irish sense of how it is to be a human/divine being.  Go to her and let your spirit relax into hers.”
Elizabeth Bunker, Yoga Mistress, Breathing to Heaven teacher, Singer and writer.

heart-large“Dear Heather,
I want to thank you for all you have done for me over these past few months. I feel human again. Your knowledge of total health is miraculous! Your nursing background combined with your amazing ability to perform Energy Work, supported by the Biofeedback from the QXCI and Ion Cleanse Footbath have helped my health and energy return. As you know, my condition had become disabling, despite medical tests returning as “normal”.
PN World Traveler

heart-large“Heather Wolfe’s work is so masterful and unique that healers and bodyworkers of all kinds could benefit from the knowledge and very special gifts she has for working in the field of Energy and Human Consciousness.”
Andy Caponigro, Pranic Energy Healer, USA

heart-large“Having Heather as an Instructor has taught me to say “yes” when the Universe offers, and to trust myself and my intuition. Her eclectic style of teaching has given me the gift of myself and the knowledge that unwrapping that gift is part of the present.”
Mike Parsons, LMT, APP, Reiki Master, Polarity Training Graduate, USA