I’m definitely not in the swing of blogging yet, though I want to be – just too many other priorities I guess, for which I apologize, to anyone who may need that. I did not say how often I would write, but I had the intention for it to be a little more frequent. However if my brain or my body, or my eyes, have had it for the day I just won’t do it. I probably need to make it an early morning thing, and of course there are other things vying for first place – always! Life happens sometimes, and as a woman in particular, it is often difficult to pick. YOU are always number one though – except sometimes of course! If YOU don’t take care of yourself you ain’t gonna take care of anyone else eventually – it will have to be YOU. Note Bene please.

I think women need much more support than they are getting, and I want to do something about this. I’m not sure what it is yet, but change is needed. It is happening, but too many women are stressed out, and consequently their men. We lead the way – remember? This is not to put men down. I happen to be very fond of men, and also need them quite often for one thing or another. They have different qualities and energy. It is a balancing act, and a creative endeavor, worldwide. Some of us just need to go for it…….

Ok – teeth. How are yours? Mine are not doing so well at the moment, and haven’t been for a while. That is not to say that I don’t have clean gums and lots of good teeth. It just takes one tooth to cause you sleepless nights and endless questioning. I have escaped the sleepless nights because the one culprit has not been that bad – and that is the problem. It just rumbles every now and again, but this is dangerous ground. I am very aware of that, but it is a big deal to lose a tooth, especially one that is going to leave that gap when you smile widely, as I tend to do!

There are some who would say that bad teeth and especially rumbling root canals, are the cause of breast cancer. Well, I think that is a bit far fetched and only part of the answer, because there are many people who have bad teeth and root canals who do not have breast cancer. However they certainly will have less than optimal health. Each of us has our weak places.

So I finally opted for a root canal a few years ago. It was painless, with very few apparent bugs, and I thought all was well. It was for a while, but to cut a long story short, another dentist discovered that there was a gap at the top of the canal that was causing irritation because I have such long roots, and he recommended that it be redone. I almost did that, but circumstances led me in another direction – namely back to USA after 3 1/2 years in Ireland. (Soul work there, and more….Mother Earth, the Leprechauns, Fairies and my family called – more on that later.)

So, after a reprieve from the rumbling for a few months, it’s back, and I’ve had it! I made an appointment for an extraction, but I’m going to check with the dentist today first – xrays and all that lovely stuff. I am grateful for the expertise, and I have my own too. To be continued. This is an important subject – more than most realize.

Please see a dentist regularly. There are social programs that will pay for you if money is a problem. Dentistry is expensive. Insurance is an option too.

And gaps make you unique amongst all the white pearlies perhaps! at least for a period of time maybe. I might be in that group. Resistance to this has caused me a lot of grief.

Enjoy taking care of yourself today, in whatever way……it is called LOVE!

May many blessings flow…..