I am so happy to be writing about this subject! In case you are wondering ,it has to do with cell phones (and other wireless devices) and how they affect your body.

At every possible opportunity I ask people who sell phones if they know how much a particular phone will affect me – like the EMF rate – Electromagnetic Frequency. They look at me as if I have a dozen heads, quiz those around them (if I’m lucky) and there are a lot of bewildered faces. I keep asking. I know someone must know something about this, and you would think it would be the people who are selling. However they have good reason to keep quiet about it too I suppose. They are not in the health business. Even those in the health business don’t seem to know much.

Well, apparently this is changing, if people will read, and I am glad to be able to do a little sharing on this right now. When I came back to America 4 months ago I needed a new cell phone, and Verizon was the store in town, so off I went. Nice people – patient, tolerant and very happy to see me leave each time I would say!  I have read that Verizon has better phones than most regarding EMFs – not sure of the details, or where I got them, but I did note it when I read it somewhere, and thought to myself – whew, I have Verizon! It’s not great when it comes to Global stuff, but I finally got a phone that was the best they had from that perspective. However, it buzzed my brain and made me deaf, and I wanted to run a mile from it, so I brought that one back, and told some nice young man about my problem. After much cajoling and questioning a light bulb went off and he managed to tell me about SAR and looked up my phone, which was a 1.29 – the limit being 1.6 – near enough. I was very thankful for this information, and decided to exchange this phone in for their oldest and simplest phone, which turns out to be 0.4 and gives me no trouble at all. (It has other ways to drive me crazy of course, but I can learn!) He looked up a few others for me out of interest, because I have been investigating the idea of a Smart Phone. Their SAR is not as high as some older phones, which is surprising, and hopeful. People are learning some things.

Anyway, if you want to find out the SAR of your phone you can google it. There are things you can do to minimize the EMFs being absorbed into your body and energy field. There are various buttons that can stick on your phone (most people recommend two, rather than one), blue tooth, etc. I find the speaker phone worse on most.

The very encouraging thing is that in my new phone box I got a pamphlet explaining all about SAR, which I think is very well done and seems honest and responsible.

Let’s face it – some people are not as affected as others by EMFs, and maybe we will all morph into those kind of people, but I’m a bit slow on this uptake (or fast, if you want to look at it like that!) and so I suggest that everyone pays more attention to how they are being affected. One does not always know, and may need someone who is sensitive to energy to see or feel what is happening for them. There are spiritual ramifications too, which is a little alarming to me. As many people want to raise their vibe spiritually their environment is attempting to dampen it down……..oh dear……..this is sad.

AWARENESS IS A TWO EDGED SWORD – which edge would you like to be on? Think on this for a moment, if you would.

Wishing you a moment of truth!