9.54pm Thursday August 18th in Salem, Massachussetts USA

There are pros and cons to everything it seems. If we focus on the cons for too long we can go into what I call a negative spin – meaning that our Energy System actually begins to spin in a negative way, which is not conducive to health and wellbeing – in fact the opposite. It is our Energy System that attracts or repels what we create in our lives. This in turn is created by our thought patterns, (the mind) so it does help tremendously to keep our thoughts in a positive spin. We might as well focus on the pros, which I sometimes call the Silver Linings.

For example, one of  the Silver Linings to my creating breast cancer is that I am now sitting here talking to you, and many others, with the intention of sharing some of what I have learned through my experience, so that I can be helpful in some way. I know that I could not be doing this to the depth that I can now without having had the actual experience, so I am grateful for all that I have been through to be here in this moment. This puts me in a positive spin, and sends happy vibes to all my cells. I can even laugh about that – laughter is such good medicine – even if it is fake laughter – imagine that! It’s that HA sound…….

I do have challenges in my life – probably always will have. I like to take them on apparently. The trick is to keep the mind in a positive framework, even when life is challenging, which can be extremely difficult. Fear is the worst mind boggler. Fear usually strangles our breath, unless we have learned differently.

Breath is our best friend, and best friends are also very important – or anybody who will be present with you in this state to help you turn it around. If you look closely you will find that most fear is dreaming into the future. Staying in the present moment is really the biggest challenge. There are lots of tools and people to help – not to worry. You can do it. Breathe……..and give great thanks for this gift of life, because that’s what it is. A Mystery perhaps?

Good Night and Sweet Dreams