We live in a time when time has speeded up, and there’s no getting away from it. We are traveling toward the end of a 13,000 year cycle, culminating in 2012. Good things are upon us, even though it may not seem like that sometimes. In any healing process, whether it be a body, a person, a group or our Planet, there is the time of “getting worse before we get better”. Well here we are. Hang in, breathe and have faith – and do what your Soul calls you to do! Each one of us is important for the whole, and one of the side effects of our speeding up (call it a pro or a con – your choice) is a faster opportunity to reconnect with our Soul and our Source of Life, whatever you may like to call it – God, Love, Great Spirit, Allah, Nature etc.

Someone once described this to me nicely. He or she said “you know when you twist a rubber band it takes a while, but when you let it go it goes back to its original state much more quickly – the pull can hardly be stopped – and that’s how it is for us now as humans unwinding all our twists away from what is unreal and getting back to what is true for us at our core!”  Think about this for a moment, or not as the case may be, and ask yourself where your resistance might be to allowing that next twist to unwind so as to reconnect more fully with your Soul. Do you need help with this perhaps? If you do, and you are willing to explore,  it is there for you – without a doubt. When the student is ready the teacher appears – and we are all each others teachers and students, so look around and open your eyes and ears, and of course remember to breathe! and be still………sometimes anyway.

What is it that brings you great joy?

This can be a way to expand your Soul connection. Conversely, if our creative expression of joy is oppressed, our energy can become sluggish, blocked and out of balance, moving us toward ill health.   So make sure that today you do something that brings you great joy – ok? Your happiness will help heal the world as well as yourself, as we are all connected through that web of Love…….honest……