Friday, October 14th, 2011                                                                                                                             Keeping connected to our Soul would seem to be simple, wouldn’t you think? I mean, it is such a big part of who we are – how can we not give it a big Voice? The answer is simple too. There are other bigger Voices! They are mostly other people’s, who gave us messages about what we “should” be doing, ought to do and MUST do! for our own absolute good of course.                    Now let’s not get into blame here. People “mean well” as they say, and those people were taught what their other voices thought was the best for them, and on it goes, until………some lights go off in some people’s heads, and they share what they know, and before you know it there is a kind of revolution going on to change the way things are being said and done. Yeah! This revolution is gathering strength, and more and more people are being true to themselves and answering the call of their Souls. That means that there will be more happy people in the world, and this is a good thing. Happiness is contagious.                                                                                              I always knew that my Soul loved to help people feel better. I actually discovered that I didn’t have to do much for that to happen – just be present. That could be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but mostly I enjoyed it. Then I found a more structured way of sharing my Energy by becoming a nurse. I had such a good time!                                                                                             Then I became dissatisfied with some things – or my Soul did – and I listened to the promptings and began to explore Energy Healing. Actually I was doing this all through my training – I forgot that! Finally I did go and learn techniques to do Hands on Healing and Energy Healing, and I began to teach groups. This was when my Soul really spoke to me, or through me – with movement, sound, communication, voice and knowings. It is such an exciting thing to be “taken by Spirit” and know that there is nothing else to do but follow, and as you practice, as in anything, you become more accomplished at following until you can’t wait to see what’s next and where you might end up!!! whether it be poetry, writing, healing, music, movement, plumbing or cooking – until you realize that every moment can actually be like this……a push/pull from your Soul. Am I making sense? maybe not, but if not now perhaps later some part of this will. Try it on for size, as my Dad would say. Such a big subject, and this is just my twist on it. I hope it will help you become more acquainted with your Soul. It does require some letting go a lot of the time, if we have been somewhat disconnected. Learn to laugh at your self if you can – with others if possible……more fun.   Lots of  Blessings,         Heather