“The only constant is change”, so I will keep that in mind and roll with the times as much as possible. It is definitely a creative process and it is a growing edge for me too – one that excites me! I have guidance from those who know how to use this tool in the most useful and efficient way.

So come back soon to see what transpires…….oh I need to make a commitment……..let’s see……howabout in two days time? Friday August 19th. I like the numbers. 1 + 9 = 10 which is about Creativity and Inner Gifts, (according to Dan Millman anyway, whom I respect greatly) and I would like to share both of those with people, as well as help others to express theirs.

Ok – here we go………..Hold someone’s hand today if that is possible. It will be for both of you. And maybe it will be just holding your own, or your Bear’s, or your pet’s – try it!
This thought arose so I am sending it out….and this is how I want to continue…as well as with practical information – not that this isn’t practical too!
I have many different faces, and sometimes they surprise even me……..

with love