Breathe…….I mean really breathe….. a little time in fresh air for extra intake of
oxygen, and a dose of sunshine if possible. Practice alternate nostril breathing once
daily at least.

Move/Exercise…………these two, as well as Laughter, are probably the best medicine
and counteract many weaknesses.

Watch funny movies.

Smile – whether genuine or not, this releases good hormones.

Drink enough Pure Water, and filter your shower water too!

Use Sound ……..Sing and Chant……. Listen to Music. Make your own Music.

Meditate, even for 5 minutes a day. Create Space and Silence for your Self.

Eat Organically. Read labels on everything!

Eat a Balanced Diet, with the emphasis on maintaining an Alkaline pH.

Eat sufficient Raw Foods to ingest valuable Enzymes.

Chew your food well – you are what you digest.

Ensure that you have regular bowel movements.

Detox periodically, and check for Parasites.

Release negative thoughts and emotions, while affirming positive thoughts daily. Learn
a tapping technique such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help with this.

Check your levels of Resistance, Resentment, Conflict and Despair regularly – by
yourself, and with another.

Check your home environment – exchange household and cosmetic chemicals for less
harmful products.

Protect yourself from Electromagnetic and Geopathic Stress.

Use Full Spectrum Lighting in some locations in your home and office. Avoid
fluorescent lighting.

Get enough sleep, whatever that is for you.

Learn to listen well to others.

Learn to listen to your body, as well as your head.

Talk less, but speak your truth.

Find a practitioner of Kinesiology or Dowsing, and/or learn these techniques yourself
for testing purposes.

Receive Loving Human Touch, and learn Self Massage and Progressive Relaxation.

Connect with the Divine, whatever that may be for you.

Consider your Lineage, Family History and Life Style.

Learn how to Google as a way of informing yourself!