Hello to All of You Who Open This

I appreciate that you have got this far! I will try to be brief and to the point. Summer Solstice and a Full Moon at the same time – WOW!

I hope it is a special time for you in some way. I have redesigned my website, * * or Cari Connors from Gloucester who designed my book has, with my input! She does a great job. Take a look, if you feel so inclined… I will be using my *blog* often to communicate some things from now on. I am writing some verse which is surprising me and would be fun to share. My intention is to write much more when I get a few other things out of the way – like procrastination! Events are posted there too….

Ten weeks gallivanting to San Francisco, Austin and then Ireland this winter was quite a big deal and though it was great in many ways (saw lots of people and laughed a lot- much gratitude!), I was glad to get back to my own Pad here in Gloucester and recoup my energies. A week in the Canary Islands with my sister was yummy before heading for March on the Emerald Isle – brrrr and beautiful! Flowers everywhere – very good for the Soul. God’s way of smiling at us… So off to work I go, and quite excited about it I am…

WOMEN’S WEEKLY GATHERINGS in Gloucester on Wednesdays at The Floating Lotus 12.00 to 1.15pm and 222 Community Wellness Center 7.30 to 8.45pm. Drop In from June 22nd to August 24th. $10 to $25 sliding scale. Please see flyer here or at ** No registration necessary. I am taking a leap of faith and hoping that this will serve many. I have strong intention for much healing to happen during these times, for those present as well as those not, and Mother Earth. So much shifting everywhere at this time.

I just booked a lovely home on Orr’s Island in Maine from Aug. 14th to 19th to take 6 women for a retreat, plus my support person and the cook who is yet to be signed and sealed! Near Brunswick, 3 hours from Boston and 40 minutes from Portland. Train possible. THE YOGA OF SELF NURTURANCE ~ EXPERIENCE THE MOMENT ~ WHOLE BODY HEALING AND COACHING FOR WOMEN If you would be interested in being with me please let me know asap, with an email to <> with Women’s Retreat in the subject line, so I can keep you a place. I will be putting info up on my website, too. This is not a Yoga workshop, though I will offer some Polarity Yoga, QiGong and Stretching on a daily basis. Read more at ** on The Yoga of Self Nurturance page.

While I was home for a week between USA travels and Ireland, the Omega Institute Catalog arrived and there was one thing that jumped out at me, so I began a ten month Coaching for Transformation: Leadership that Works course last Sunday for 6 days, with further weekends, private sessions and teleconferences until next April. I am going to be busy if I want this certification, and I do! I am very excited to be starting this adventure now, and bringing what I learn to my work.

There are ten women from all parts, which is wonderful as my focus is on *Women’s Retreats*, because I think there is a great need for them, but I am also going to offer some *Polarity Workshops in Gloucester* this summer for those in the healing arts before I move to *Austin TX* in the fall to be near my two children. It is all unfolding quite well, and I look forward to doing some work there also, as well as Ireland and New England next summer when it is very hot in Austin! I chase the good weather if at all possible…no guarantees of course. So if you would be interested in learning some Polarity Therapy let me know via email at <> with Polarity Classes in the subject line. I used to train people in Polarity to American Standards, and think that it is amazing work. Even one workshop is transformative and expands whatever other therapy you may be doing, as well as bringing transformation to your own life.

I am going to be sending out reminders for events fairly regularly now, and I realize that there are many on this list who do not need to know everything I am doing, so I guess you can either not open or unsubscribe. I would like to have a *separate list* for those interested in classes/workshops that I am offering so if you would like to be on that list please send an email to and Meg, my trusty helper, will sort that one for me.

A Healthy Hint With summer weather come mosquitos in many places, and various things work to help repel them – natural as possible is best of course – and I leave you with this tip. Vitamin B1, or Thiamin 100mg taken once a day when you know they will be around, is a good remedy. Those creatures don’t like the smell of that. Simple hmm? It’s not good to keep taking one B Vitamin for too long without the whole complex, so keep that in mind. I still recommend *Summer with the Leprechauns by Tanis Helliwell *- such an important book and fun to read too! Tanis is Canadian Irish and spent a surprising summer in Ireland. This book is a true story of her time there with the Elemental World, much of which we know nothing about, or believe in. You will believe if you read this book – or maybe not! I had my own experience this past week with those “Little People” that is evolving, and may want to be shared at some point. Time will tell…

Love to all, and I hope to see some of you in the next few months around Gloucester. We hope and pray for a good outcome with the election process in USA. Much is being played out in the Masculine/Feminine arena it seems! Some very heartbreaking things going on that need correction all over the world. Each of us has a part to play – no time to lose! Heather