I use the effect of Sacred Sound to help us be aware of the Sound of Silence, which can connect us profoundly to our Source of Life. May it be so…and may many blessings flow…

I use the power of Sound and Rhythm in many different ways in my work and play, not least of which is my own voice, which can invoke the Angels and other Higher Vibrations, touch the Earth Energies and call the Ancestors, release the unwanted and retrieve the lost.

I can also tune into the denser Energies – the Shadows – meet them through Sound and help them transform to a healthier and lighter Vibration. I have the ability to do this for the wider Collective, using the energy generated by any group. This is perhaps my greatest calling at this time, as we create a new Grid of Love and Light on our Planet, and perhaps elsewhere too. Movement and Music are often an integral part of this process.

tibetan-bowls2I also love the Frame Drum and Rattles to release old patterning, and to invoke the Light.

The Quartz Crystal Bowl always amazes me as it calls us energetically into Sacred Circle, while the Himalayan Bowls calm the mind, or help to remind us of some emotion that needs attention and releasing.

Tingshas and Bells have their part to play in the rearrangement of Energies, and the Shang powerfully invokes our prayers.

As the opportunity arises I take it to teach others how to use Sound in any form to enhance and expand life, Voice being the one instrument that almost everyone carries with them – and is the least expensive!

I find chant a most extraordinary and beautiful way to open the pathways to our Divinity.