with Heather Wolfe, RN, RPP, BCPP

Wednesdays June 22nd through August 24th, 2016
12-1.15PM at FLOATING LOTUS, 169 Main St., Gloucester, MA 01930
7.30-8.45PM at 222 COMMUNITY WELLNESS CENTER, 222 Eastern Ave., Gloucester, MA 01930
Drop In Cost: $10 to 25 per session, sliding scale

We will use Sound, Silence, Sharing, Music, Movement and Chant, as well as Invocation, Healing Touch and Humor to relax, refresh and rejuvenate in Spiritual Community – for our Selves, Humanity and the Earth. Come to feel lighter, centered and connected with more resilience and tools to walk your Path in the coming days.

Heather is a native of Ireland and is primarily an Energy Healer with a passion for moving Energy in any form that may present itself! At Back to Source, she combines her foundation in Nursing and Polarity Therapy with training in Psychotherapy and years of experience with group facilitation to create a safe and loving space for people to be themselves. Working from a Shamanic perspective, Heather embraces all Spiritual Paths, especially honoring her connection to the Divine Mother.

heart-large“I just spent the most uplifting hour and 15 minutes last Wednesday at noon with Heather Wolfe at her ‘Weekly Women’s Gathering’ at The Floating Lotus, 169 Main Street, Gloucester – a beautiful open space.  After some sweet sharing, some very freeing dance movements, some blissful chanting, some deep and peaceful quiet time, I felt totally refreshed, balanced and full of energy: enough to tackle a long overdue garden project.  All this in a “lunch hour” – the best one I’ve ever had!

I’m definitely going to aim for this  W ednesday time and encourage friends to join in the healing fun. For those who prefer the evening hours, Heather is offering another time:  7:30 – 8:15PM at 222 Community Wellnes s  Center, 222 Eastern Avenue, Gloucester.”  ~ ES