I was excited to be a part of the Tong Ren Symposium where I talked about:

A Joyful Solution for Preventing and Healing Breast Cancer

Held in April 2014 at the Tong Ren Symposium in Marlborough, MA

Here is the write up from the symposium:

Heather Joyce Wolfe RN, RPP, BCPP is the author of A Guide to Breast Cancer – A Whole Body A – Z for Preventing and Healing Breast Cancer – A Conventional and Alternative Approach.

Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago, with consequent biopsy, lumpectomy and axillary node removal. She refused chemotherapy and radiation and did her own journey for complete recovery, and now wishes to share her discoveries to help other women avoid this dilemma, or to heal and avoid recurrence if they do have a diagnosis. Heather’s book is a map for anyone, male or female, well or unwell,  wishing to have vibrant health and conscious awareness. Her message is that healing can be fun, and attitude is key! www.backtosource.com.
(Book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.)