Join us at this time in Spiritual Community for a Ceremony of Deep Connection to the Net of Light for our Individual and Planetary healing and expansion.

SUNDAY, JULY 23RD • 3:30 – 5:30pm
Clear Springs Yoga Studio, 605 Copeland St. Austin 78704

Parking available • Suggested Donation is $20 • No registration required.

We will set our intentions through Sharing, Silence and Prayer while invoking Spirit with Movement, Music, Sacred Sound, Chant, Drum, Rattles, Crystal and Tibetan Bowls. Healing Touch will add to your experience.

This event is in answer to a request to join with others intending to connect with the Net of Light and The Grandmothers this weekend, the center being at Ayers Rock/Uluru in Australia with Sharon McErlane. (

This will be a time to tune in to the Divine in your own way. Come to unwind and be in a Sanctuary of Peace for rejuvenation and restoration, as we expand that to include others.

Bring a bottle of water please.

Please arrive 10 minutes early, so we can be undisturbed from 3.30pm.

Thank you!

Heather Wolfe is an Energy Healer, working from a Shamanic perspective. She trained as an RN in her native Ireland, and in Polarity Therapy in America. She now resides in USA (recently moved to Austin) and has taught Polarity Therapy in both countries over the years. She is especially devoted to the Divine Mother in her many forms, and has the ability to hold and gather group energy with strong intention for healing as guided, individually and collectively. (

Nate Long “Owl” is a self-proclaimed Shamanic Artist and Practitioner who is currently the Activities Director, and a facilitator and teacher for the Austin Shamanic Community. His work is featured through Blue Eye Art, an online blog and website ( Nate is also a musician and author. He recently published a children’s book titled “Helpers” and is currently working on several additional writing projects.