October 15th, 2010

Stemming from my experience of breast cancer, beginning in December 2006, it has come to me that disease is often due to an imbalance of the Soul – individually, collectively and globally. I would like to say a little about that here.

I was living in America, and had been for 33 years, when a suspicious area was found in my left breast through a mammogram, and diagnosed as malignant. This was a place where I had a cyst in previous years, which had proved benign. I consequently had a biopsy, and a lump was removed, and later some lymph nodes, where no more cancer cells were found. Chemotherapy and radiation were advised by my surgeon, but I declined. Conventional medicine had been good to me thus far, but my body did not like the idea of the next lap of the journey here, so I chose otherwise. I am cancer free now and I have learned a lot along the way, some of which I share in my book, A GUIDE TO BREAST CANCER: A WHOLE BODY A – Z FOR PREVENTION AND HEALING. It is enhanced by beautiful flower photographs taken by my sister, Jess Walsh, to bring some beauty to this rather scary subject.

Having trained and worked as a nurse for some years I do have the conventional perspective, much of which I value greatly, but with the further training and practice that I have gained in alternative medicine, I now see, firsthand, where we can have more choice in our health care. We do have more options if we know what is available, and what I hope to do with my book is to tell more people, including medical and alternative practitioners, as well as the general public, about these options.

After my surgery I used Prayer, Light Therapy, Diet and Nutritional Supplementation, Homeopathy, Flower Remedies, Hands On Healing, Emotional and Negative Pattern Release, Guided Imagery and Visualisation, as well as working with Music, Chant, Sound and Silence. Alternative Technologies, such as the QXCI Biofeedback Device, the BEST Machine and the IonCleanse Detox Footbath were also an important part of my healing. I had much loving support, and was privileged to have some knowledge of these therapies.

The added necessary ingredient was addressing the needs of my Soul, and why I had such resistance to these needs. There is a longing inside that is always calling us. I discovered, through my own experience also, that cancer thrives on resistance (fear), resentment, conflict (guilt), and despair, all of which I found I was harbouring.

The imbalance in giving and receiving had often shown up in my life as exhaustion or “burnout”. Knowing my Dosha as Vata from Ayurvedic Medicine, I have learned to manage my Vata imbalances quite well, but there had been times over the a few years when the correction had not been complete. I did not get what I knew I needed, and seemed to find it less possible, as more things happened that seemed to require my energy, one way or another, as happens to many women. The word ‘No’ became more difficult to say. My space seemed to get smaller, and I knew my health was deteriorating, while everyone still told me that I looked terrific!

The truth was that in many ways I was “terrific”. I had done a lot of work on myself, and I was expanding and praying for my next level of growth and service. However there was a part of me that was scared to take the leap that that required – that didn’t even want to really hear what that might be, so I kept going busily, until I had to stop.In some ways it was a welcome break, because my Soul, above all, was so happy to slow down and have time to listen. I began to hear my own Truth – the call to come home to Ireland, and to be with my family, and to live alone, for however long. The challenge was great, but I know that Ireland is my right place at this time, and despite loss there is also the joy in knowing that I am answering the call of my Soul. The story will keep unfolding, as it always does.

Anger and despair can often be related to local and world news, and our feelings of lack of control over the outcome, which in actual fact can contribute to the problem. What we think and feel (in my belief system) ripples out and affects everyone. We can get swallowed up by our feelings of hopelessness, and forget our joy. Joy sends out good vibrations. Good feelings do not have to negate our sadness, or produce guilt, though sometimes in the cleansing healing process the “nasties” can surface for transmutation to something better. This is part of what is happening with our Planet also, and acceptance is helpful as we all raise our vibration to that of Unconditional Love. Embracing the part of us that is sad while acting on our gifts in service to humankind, however small this may seem, can release us from the role of victim and bring us much happiness. We can begin at any moment. It can be tricky as there are many layers to our sadness and anger and much of the suffering of the world is due to repressed feelings in our subconscious projected outwards. Some of our task is to discern the energy in these different layers.

Cancer appears to be with us in epidemic proportions, causing much suffering at all levels. I am discovering that it can be cured if we are willing to make the Journey. Each person who has gone before has left a clue, and in this way they deserve to be honoured and thanked. Everyone whom we watch suffer, or whose story we hear, causes us to feel and open our hearts; to question, and perhaps act differently for ourselves and for the good of all. The effect ripples out to Family, Community and thus the World, again and again, until we come back to balance as people and as a Planet, recognizing what is truly important.

May it be so.

Heather Joyce Wolfe