Our hearts are fragile, however strong, as is the heart of our Mother Earth, and so we must take care of ourselves and each other, and as we do this we take care of Her too. As we do this she takes care of us.

We come to remember that we are part of All of it, and that what we do affects All of it, both positively and negatively. We need each other to be able to see ourselves, as everything inside is reflected outside. We are mirrors for each other. This can be fun and quite an adventurous game, or a lonely struggle. There is learning in all of it, but it is time now to let go of struggle and come together to support each other in all sorts of ways to help everyone raise consciousness so that we can recognize that we already have a world full of Love, Compassion, Abundance, Peace and Joy.

It is inside each of us! It is our Source of Life. We have some rewiring to do in our “computers” and then some “rebooting,” and many have been doing this over the years. Brains and minds are changing, as is everything around us, to bring us back to that Source, which is Love and Light. We are made of these first, and take on these physical bodies to embody, embrace and radiate this Love and this Light, as well as to experience, and to learn our lessons – works in progress!

Your gifts are needed, whatever they may be, and however small they may seem. A word, a smile, a call, an email, a visit, food, a teaching, self nurturance – they all make a difference. We are all role models for each other, and for the next generations. We must not forget this as we go about our daily tasks. Native Americans say that every action influences humanity for seven generations. That is how vigilant we need to be, if we are to continue life on this beautiful Planet. Have you noticed how magnificent it is today, despite pockets of disturbance?

Let us make it a good Journey together with respect for one another’s differences, desires, challenges and feelings.

Let us make laughter a part of our daily lives, whether real or fake – it still enhances our immune systems. Some people may think this is a joke, (ha ha) but studies have proven this to be true.

Let us make movement and music a consistent part of our lives, especially in community – more immune enhancement!

Let us heal our wounds around our sexuality, where hidden is our spiritual bliss, so that we can be affectionate with each other without fear of agenda and abuse.

Let us learn good listening skills and ways of communicating, with appreciation for the fact that we all have better moments than others.

Let us learn to apologize well.

Let us honour and respect Mother Nature in all her glory of changing seasons – she is Queen! Everything that we have, whether we consider it “good” or “bad” comes from the Earth – think about this for a moment and ask yourself questions about it. It can be a humbling experience, one that many have lost it seems, to our detriment.

Let us recognize that each of us holds the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine inside, regardless of our body form, gender or sexual preference. Can we allow ourselves to express all of it playfully and consciously without judgement of ourselves or anyone else? This is part of the journey, the exploration, the learning and the path to Love.

Let’s ride the waves together as we heal and cleanse those misaligned thoughts and actions, individually, collectively and globally.

Find those people who are of like mind. Find good teachers to help you find your Self. And laugh and play with the rest, because it is all Play! All the world’s a stage………..

We are in each other’s Hearts – Many Blessings!