Who needs Rest?
What part of Me?
Who is tired?
Tired of what?

My body wants to sleep
Or is it my mind?
I think it’s my mind
Too much
Too much of everything
And really it wants
No thing

My mind is the one
Who thinks it has so much,
So many
Until it is so much
There is too much
And too much brings me to a STOP!

Rest beyond all else
Regardless of all else

I will
I can
The world can wait
While I rest
Breathe, pray and sing
Talk to myself
And write those thoughts
Maybe they are important?
It doesn’t matter
What matters is my heart
My heart wants to talk
And write
And sing
And play
And my heart
Would like to see
The clothes to be ironed
Ironed, and put away
Who will do that for me?
Will anyone else do it right?
I have been burned before
They have been burned
And so it costs me
I would rather sit here and write
With my clothes crumpled
On the ironing board over there
And rest, and write.
I will get to the crumpled clothes
In time, and as necessary
Perhaps in a hurry
Or perhaps as a solitary thing
A meditation
Creating order, satisfaction, accomplishment
Small creations lead to other creations
Perhaps deeper in my heart

And now I will rise and greet the day
Resting as I flow through the tasks
Allowing my breath to lead my mind
Connecting to my heart
Practicing each moment….

Copyright © May 2016 Heather Joyce Wolfe www.BackToSource.com