Hello to All of you…

Let’s try the brief thing…hmmm…not my forte.

I flew back from Ireland to Salem, MA on March 9th, the day after 15 inches of snow – whew!  After some good Paddy’s Day celebrations with friends that week, I took off to San Francisco to visit my cousin Charles and family, and then to my daughter Anna in Austin, TX – a wonderful 3 week trip!

I was back only 6 days when the bombing happened in Boston. Apart from the horror of it all, I am feeling much gratitude and awe at the efficiency and care of the medical profession and many other services involved, as well as people in general. Ripples are still being felt, positive as well as negative, and they will continue…we have things to learn. Amen.

Now to work…I am focusing on teaching and writing at this point, as well as seeing a few people privately, mostly from my home. I am fortunate to be working from Essence Healing Center  at 254 Essex Street in Salem, run by a mother and daughter team, Elaine Tavis and Nicol Jackson, whom some of you may know.

I will be offering a 5 week class for women from there on Thursday mornings from May 23rd to June 20th – the day before Summer Solstice – great time to build our Energy! I am limiting it to 6 to 8 women. I will use some wisdom from my book as a map for conscious awareness and vibrant health. I have made enough “mistakes” now to be an efficient and nonjudgmental Guide!

It is my intention to live part time in Ireland and America – a work in progress. I can’t let go of either, and I love both and many people in both places. I may also be spending time in Austin and Miami with my children , where winters are kinder to my Vata constitution. Time will tell. In the meantime it is good to be back in New England, where Spring has sprung so beautifully! 

Bye Bye, God Bless and hope to see many of you some place in the coming warm days.

With Love,


Healthy Hints from Heather for 2013

1. We are in the Energy of a New Moon and Solar Eclipse May 9th and 10th, giving us much opportunity for letting go of more of the old and bringing in the new – your heart’s desire! Check out www.mysticmamma.com for more information if you feel inclined. Go for it!

2. I have been referred to BASHAR on Youtube by a good friend, and you might want to take a peek for some entertainment, no nonsense answers to some questions and a glimpse of life in other realms! Most come to help us get our act together on this Planet – halleluhah. We seem to be floundering a bit…and lots of good stuff happening. It’s up to us – n’est ce pas? or a bunch of us anyway, who signed up for the job.

3. I just read a great book – DYING TO BE ME – by Anita Moorjani – her near death experience with 4th stage cancer, and her subsequent healing. A love story too! And I also recommend Christina Baldwin’s The Seven Whispers.   

4. I must send out The Clown Chakra again – so good! I laugh when I just think about it – hope you will laugh when you read it anyway. Great for the immune system.

May many blessings flow…

The Only Constant is Change”